Avifauna Translocations in New Zealand

Avifauna Translocations PDFIn mid-August 2008, the first two bird translocations were made onto the DSF Ecological Preserve, with the help of some 20 volunteers, the Stewart Island Rakiura Community and Environment Trust and the Department of Conservation (DOC). A beautiful Maori prayer was offered as part of the ceremony of the release of birds… Continue reading

Iberian Wolf Sanctuary in Portugal

Iberian Wolf in PortugalFrancisco Fonseca is Professor of Biology at the University of Lisbon and the Co-founder of Grupo Lobo, the conservation organization focused on saving the Portuguese wolf (Canus lupus signatus) from extinction. He stands in a forest at the sanctuary he and colleagues have created north of Lisbon, and waits for the 11-year… Continue reading

Orangutans in Borneo: Habitat Declining

As we describe in the Sanctuary book, orangutan populations across Indonesian Borneo are in trouble. If not for the work of Dr. Biruté Galdikas, and the creation of Tanjung Puting National Park, established under Dr. Galdikas’ co-management authority in 1988, it is doubtful the remaining 6,000 orangutans under her general care within the nearly 960,000 acres of the park would be protected. As it… Continue reading