Biodiversity in China — Challenges and Opportunities

An article by Dr. Michael Tobias

In May of 2006, The European Environment Agency embraced a concept whose time is long overdue: that of “halting the loss of (global) biodiversity by 2010.”1 In so doing, the EEA announcement echoed the avalanche of data and widespread alarm throughout the world’s scientific communities by firmly acknowledging that we are now in the midst… Continue reading

Thinking About Wilderness:an article by Michael Tobias

There was a time when people gave no thought to wilderness; when our connection to the natural world was a guaranteed issue of food, shelter and avoidance of pain. Given the 120,000 odd years of our position in the global coordination of species and the toll of our behavior, we have come a long ways, to be sure, from that innocent past… Continue reading

Cheetah Habitat in South Africa

Cheetah on the Jubatus Reserve in South AfricaHoward and Devon Buffett inhabit many worlds across Africa, but their Jubatus Cheetah Reserve north of Johannesburg is symbolic of this remarkable couple’s commitment to both conservation and the enormously challenging human component. Howard says, if you don’t solve the poverty, hunger and water crises, you’re never going… Continue reading